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Montrezl Harrell claims he’s the modern Dennis Rodman

Montrezl Harrell, Dennis Rodman, Clippers

Welcome to 2020. It’s be a strange year. With every ounce of bad, there’s been some slivers of good, though. Such as LA Clippers big man Montrezl Harrell claiming he’s the modern Dennis Rodman. More on that direct aspect of news in a second.

Fans have always been in love with Dennis Rodman’s on and off-court electric personality. The passion, the dedication, the spirit — the former Bulls forward sure knows how to woo a crowd. 

LA Clippers’ forward Montrezl Harrell was one of those captivated by Rodman’s heart for the game. In an interview on last week’s episode of Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles, Trezz declared himself as “The Modern Day Rodman”.

“I’ve been telling people, I’m the modern day Rodman, for real. I’m the modern day Rodman. That’s it. Rodman, man. Just to watch his whole process in general, man. Like, even after the documentary, I got on Twitter and tweeted “Hey man, we gotta give a lot more credit then what we did.”

While the North Carolina-born forward is more of a scorer, averaging 18.6 points-per-game, than a rebounder like Rodman, it isn’t surprising to see a comparison of the two players. Richardson brought up the talk on Rodman and they completely agreed with Trezz’s response. 

They also talked about how the Bulls forward made headlines across the world, which were also depicted in the recent release of Jordan’s documentary The Last Dance.

“I’m not gonna say he was as big as Jordan… but bro’ he was right there… He was Rodman. Anything he did, anywhere he went, anywhere he showed up, it was bananas. Rodman was out of here” says Richardson.

The Clippers talent earned the nickname “Monsta Trezz” because of his “high-energy play and high-impact results”. His insane dunks and hustle for the ball never failed to fire up an LA crowd and this deemed him a fan-favorite. Sounds familiar?

Indeed Rodman and Trezz are full of personality and more than they are basketball players, they are certainly entertainers. In the same podcast, he shares his persistent rise to stardom, reminiscing on the hard work it took to get to the NBA.

Trezz leads the Clippers’ deep bench. An article in Clipperholics writes

“He is the heart and soul of one of the best second-units in the NBA featuring himself, Williams, Landry Shamet, Reggie Jackson, and JaMychal Green.”

For now, Trezz is out of the bubble for a family emergency. Whether or not Trezz will live up to the Worm or if that makes Kawhi Leonard, his modern-day Jordan, is up to the Monster’s performance in the next coming seasons. 

And while the love for the game is more-or-less the same as with any other basketball player, Rodman’s and Trezz’s are definitely out of this world.