Clippers news: Patrick Beverley thinks he would have been 'the best drug dealer in the world' if not for professional basketball
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Clippers’ Patrick Beverley thinks he would have been ‘the best drug dealer in the world’ if not for professional basketball


It’s a given fact that not all dreams turn to reality. This statement rings true for LA Clippers guard Patrick Beverley.

Unlike most NBA starters, Beverley didn’t get into the NBA immediately after getting drafted. In fact, he revealed that he would have gone through an entirely different route if he made different life decisions than the one he took.

ESPN’s Ohm Youngmisuk wrote a compelling piece about Beverley’s connection with Chicago. One of the moments in the article described how things would have turned out for him if basketball wasn’t going to be his destiny.

Channeling his emotion is something Beverley has been working on in recent years, but he has been growing since one fateful summer in Chicago.

When asked to consider what his life would be without professional sports, the Clippers guard doesn’t hesitate: “I probably would’ve been the best drug dealer in the world.”

It’s surprising that Beverley would even consider himself getting into the drug trade if ball didn’t become his life. However, his on-court skills would easily translate to the rough world of drug selling. He knows how to get what he wants; he’s relentless in pursuing his goals; no man is too big for him.

He spent a lot of time overseas before finally getting his shot with the Houston Rockets. Since then, he’s become an established fixture among NBA teams who have come to respect his defensive prowess and energy. He’ll be a key man for the Clippers if they hope to beat the Lakers and the rest of the league for the Larry O’Brien trophy.