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Paul George hilariously ends friendship with Serge Ibaka over food

Los Angeles Clippers, Paul George, Serge Ibaka

After a short hiatus, Los Angeles Clippers center Serge Ibaka is bringing back his world-renowned cooking show.

Last week, Ibaka hinted on Twitter that he would once again shoot videos for his “How Hungry Are You?” cooking show on YouTube, which he began in 2019 during his run with the Toronto Raptors.

Ibaka confirmed that his cooking show is indeed back for another season, and his first guest is Clippers teammate Paul George.

Ibaka posted a teaser for the upcoming new video via his official Twitter account, where George stood alongside him and sarcastically joked that he is no longer friends with Ibaka after what he made him eat. George had “demoted” Ibaka as a friend after being left in sheer amazement over what the veteran center cooked for him and made him at the least try during the show.

One can never know on just what to expect with Ibaka’s cooking show. Over the 2018-2019 season, Ibaka often invited some of his Raptors teammates to try some unique and exotic dishes that he prepared for them, which some of them tried while others struggled to even look at the entree. Most notably, he made Leonard try one dish that left the two-time NBA champion in sheer disbelief.

Many NBA fans sure would like to see Ibaka invite more of his Clippers teammates onto his YouTube cooking show over the upcoming new season, from veteran point guard Rajon Rondo to center Ivica Zubac. This sure would make for some quality entertainment as Clippers players and possibly even coaches try some of Ibaka’s intriguing dishes, while others simply look in sheer amazement at just what the two-time NBA champion had worked to prepare for them.

As Ibaka mentioned during his preview for the upcoming new video, he does not cook, but rather designs.