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The reason why Clippers exec Jerry West doesn’t want to see opposing players shaking hands, fraternizing

Jerry West, Clippers, LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard

Jerry West is definitely an old-school guy. Just recently, the Hall of Famer and current board member of the Los Angeles Clippers made it abundantly clear why he believes players shouldn’t shake hands. And no, it’s not because of social distancing measures brought about by the coronavirus.

According to the great Jerry West, he’s not one for exchanging pleasantries with opponents (h/t The Buster Show Podcast on Twitter):

Well, that’s one way of looking at it I guess. We’ve all heard about how the NBA is one big brotherhood and that beyond the basketball court, they are all part of one big happy family. West takes a bit of a different mindset here as he’s clearly all about winning. Everything else comes second. He’s an authority on this matter too, considering how he pretty much won everything there was to win during his legendary NBA career.

It doesn’t sound like “The Logo” is promoting an atmosphere of animosity here, though. What he appears to be pointing out is that in his mind, he believes that there is a bit too much fraternizing and camaraderie among opposing teams in today’s NBA. Needless to say, that clearly wasn’t the case during West’s playing days.

It is also interesting to note that while Jerry West spent his entire decorated career with the Los Angeles Lakers, he now sits as a high-ranking executive in the Purple & Gold’s cross-town rivals in the Clippers. If in case players on the Clippers end up snubbing their opponents after their next game then we can probably assume that West had a bit of a hand in that.