The NBA and its players have gone into the entertainment business many times in the past. NBA players such as Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, and LeBron James have made movies with varied success. Also, guys like Damian Lillard have ventured into music as well. The world of professional wrestling is no exception, as many NBA stars have featured or even wrestled in exhibition matches. The most notable is obviously Shaq, who even took a crack at wrestling recently. As NBA teams are full of potential for entertainment, even for wrestling, the Los Angeles Clippers have some candidates on the roster. Here are two Clippers players who would make great WWE Superstars.

Clippers potential future WWE Superstars 

Marcus Morris 

Not unlike his brother Markieff, Marcus Morris does not shy away from contact. The Clippers forward does not hesitate from protecting himself and his teammates. He is also a fairly large individual, standing at six-foot-eight, and weighing in at 218 pounds. He is quite muscular, meaning that he would fit right into the WWE family. However, rather than his stature, Morris would bring something quite better to the WWE.

Of course, he would likely bring his twin brother Markieff. While they are not on the same squad, it is still worth mentioning. WWE is all about entertainment and quite a few niches have been tried out in the organization. One that has a ton of potential is the twin brother notion. With it, they could go in a million other directions. The Clippers and Heat forwards would be a great addition to the WWE roster, as they could be either a great tag team or even have beef between each other. That screams great entertainment.

Obviously, it is not all about niches. To be in the WWE, one must be athletic and quite charismatic. While many around the league dislike both Morris brothers, the Clippers forward can use that to fuel his WWE success. Some superstars have made their whole career out of being heels, and if Marcus Morris can channel that, it could be a great success story in two sports for the older Morris twin.

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It would be very fun to watch Marcus Morris perform in the WWE if nothing due to his no-nonsense personality on the court. The Clippers player is very firey on the court and passionate. Of course, that is mostly linked to his love for basketball and winning, but it can translate well to the WWE. That gives him the potential to be a face as well, bringing his passion to the ring and interacting well with WWE fans. Regardless of the path he would take, seeing him in professional wrestling would be entertaining.

Serge Ibaka

It was tough to decide whether to go with Ibaka or Ivica Zubac. Both have potential due to their international background, but Ibaka has so much more to offer. Still, an honorable mention goes out to the Clippers center Zubac. He is from Croatia, so the Eastern European path that many before Zu have taken in the WWE would be used. Still, it is definitely Ibaka that has more potential in the wrestling entertainment business.

First things first, the Clippers forward has better physical prerequisites to be in the WWE. He is around six-foot-10, with a good wingspan and solid weight. He can definitely be a superstar of the Kane ilk, an imposing figure with a lot of physicalities. Ibaka could be envisioned as an enforcer of some kind, possibly part of a tag team or a wrestling group. However, his potential in the WWE is more in his personality and background.

There were many superstars that used their international background in their characters. Thus, Ibaka, as he hails from the Congo and plays for Spain international, has many paths he could take in this hypothetical future WWE career. The Clippers veteran could be part of some African tag team of some sort, similar to Kofi Kingston, albeit less athletic. He is also fairly eloquent and can speak well, and has potential in many different languages.

All three Clippers players mentioned above, Morris, Zubac, and Ibaka are great candidates for a future in the WWE. However, the Clippers roster is full of interesting characters and they all have some kind of future in entertainment. Paul George, for instance, is a fairly outspoken player who could have some entertainment value. Someone like Terrance Mann or Eric Bledsoe could play a shorter, but a grittier superstar. Even Kawhi Leonard could be envisioned in the WWE ring, due to his niche of being very silent and with a lack of emotions off the court. Still, the best two candidates remain Marcus Morris and Serge Ibaka.