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Report: DeAndre Jordan’s contract could just expire off Clippers cap this summer if not traded

The trade deadline is now just two days away and the L.A. Clippers still haven’t found a trade partner for one of the most sought-after players on the trading block, DeAndre Jordan.

It’s been well-talked about how interested the Cleveland Cavaliers are, as well as the Milwaukee Bucks, Washington Wizards, and Portland Trail Blazers. Even the Miami Heat, have been rumored to be in the talks.

Considering how long the process has gone and how close the deadline is, veteran insider Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN is now saying that he’s being told that it’s possible that Jordan won’t be traded after all.

“The market has been limited for the Clippers and they haven’t found the kind of package that would make them willing to do a deal. They can get a first-round pick for DeAndre Jordan. What they don’t want to do is take back contracts that go out in the long term and impact their salary cap, like Tristan Thomson in Cleveland. They don’t want his money going out just to get Cleveland’s pick.

Right now [I’m told], they would just keep DeAndre Jordan. They prefer to just let him to expire off their cap this summer or try to negotiate a team-friendly contract extension, which is unlikely.

There’s as good of a chance right now that he stays.”

As one of the best rebounders in the league and a double-double machine (11.8 points and 14.1 rebounds per game since the 2013-14 season), “DJ” is rightfully a hot commodity today. He can be a big factor to any contender hoping to go deep in the postseason.

Jordan has an expiring contract worth $22.6 million. Through his player option for next season, he could be owed $24.1 million.