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RUMOR: Clippers in talks with Chinese big man Zhou Qi

Clippers, Zhou Qi

It looks like the Los Angeles Clippers are not yet done looking for ways to improve the roster around Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and John Wall.

Now according to a report from the South China Morning Post, the team is in talks with Chinese big man Zhou Qi for a potential deal. Unfortunately no further details about the negotiation and its status have been revealed.

Zhou Qi remains in the NBL with the South East Melbourne Phoenix, but his future with the franchise and the league is now in question after the team reportedly hinted they are looking to replace him on their roster.

“His future with Phoenix, however, is now under a cloud after the team’s CEO Tommy Greer and head coach Simon Mitchell hinted they were looking to replace the Chinese superstar ahead of the upcoming season. Zhou has been removed from the club’s official website and listed as a free agent by the NBL,” the SCMP report noted.

It remains to be seen what kind of deal the Clippers will extend to Zhou Qi, though it will likely be an Exhibit 10 for a chance to earn a deal with the team. They only have one spot left on their regular roster, and the Chinese star is facing tough competition with Moses Brown also eyeing the position.

The Clippers do have one more two-way spot, though, and that is another good chance for Zhou Qi especially after the Clippers waived Jay Scrubb.

For now, fans just have to wait and see whether the Clippers end up reaching a deal with the 26-year-old. Zhou Qi was drafted in the second round of the 2016 NBA Draft, and while he played for the Houston Rockets, he never found his footing in the NBA and was out just two years later.

If the Clippers give him a chance, he’ll surely be hoping he can stick around far longer this time.