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Video: Clippers’ Patrick Beverley tries to take away Anthony Davis’ shoe, gets a technical

patrick beverley, anthony davis

On Monday, L.A. Clippers guard Patrick Beverley messed around when he threw New Orleans Pelicans star Anthony Davis’ shoe to his sideline.

Messing with an opposing player’s shoe isn’t unheard of in the NBA. Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade did it in a playoff game, throwing Mike Bibby’s shoe to the sideline after he lost it. J.R. Smith is infamous for untying Shawn Marion’s shoe when the two were waiting to rebound a free throw.

Unlike the other players listed above, Patrick Beverly did not get away with his shoe shenanigans. He was issued a technical immediately after attempting to slyly move Anthony Davis’ shoe to the other end of the floor.

The Clippers guard has a history of being a player who will do anything in order to help his team get a win. He has been accused of dirty tactics before, and it is not unusual to see him get into altercations on the court. Overall, this act was pretty harmless although it did cost his team a point.

Davis got the last laugh as his Pelicans pulled out a close win by a score of 121-117, getting a tough road victory in the Staples Center.

Anthony Davis had a monster game, and it was no wonder Beverly was forced to employ unorthodox methods to try to slow the big man down. “The Brow” had 46 points, 17 rebounds, and four assists, leading his team to their 21st victory. The Pelicans need him to continue his dominant play to rattle off a few wins.