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CODM Pro SOL murdered by another pro player in Brazil


19-year-old COD Mobile pro player Ingrid “SOL” Oliveira Bueno da Silva’s untimely passing puts the Brazilian esports community in shock.


“It is with huge sadness that Jaguares Esports wishes strength to the families of player Sol and the FBI E-Sports Team.

We are all in grief.

May you rest in peace and may justice be done.”

Call of Duty Mobile‘s SOL died from stab wounds Monday, February 22, 2021. Co-pro player Guilherme “Flashlight” Alves Costa surrendered to the police and confessed to murdering the female pro.

The suspect pre-meditated the murder, the suspect confessed. After the grisly act, Alves Costa took pictures and videos of the lifeless body of SOL. Afterward, he sent the photos and videos to his esports social media contacts, including gamerselite.codm. The organization immediately released a statement denouncing the act and reported that they have submitted the photos and videos to the police.

The murder took place in the suspect’s home in São Paulo, Brazil. It reportedly took place after a CODM event, in which both players played in. In relation to this, the two pros played in different teams.

After news about the murder went public, tributes poured into social media. SOL, Portuguese for “sun,” was a beloved part of the community. Immediately, pro players and organizations in the Brazilian CODM community expressed their shock and grief. They also point out that violence against women is commonplace in Brazil, and called for changes within the community.

After his arrest, the suspect made comments about terrorism and hate towards Christians, suggesting that the murder had deeper motivations. Police will continue their investigation on the murder. As of now, no accomplices have surfaced so far. Therefore, it appears that the suspect has acted alone.

The suspect remains in police custody, facing charges of qualified homicide.