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Cole Anthony admits it’s a process acclimating to the North Carolina Tar Heels

Cole Anthony, North Carolina Tar Heels, college basketball

With the college basketball season nearly here, a shooty hoops loving nation will get to discover dozens of tremendous freshmen who will be entering the scene for the first time. Cole Anthony, who was a five-star college basketball prospect, will be trotting about collegiate hardwood floors for the North Carolina Tar Heels, having as much hype as any of the first-year players in the nation.

Even with that being the case, and there being every reason to believe Anthony will live up to expectations, there’s some growing paints happening for the future NBA player.

“It’s a process,” Anthony said. “I’m not coming in here expecting (Roy Williams) to just give me the keys from Day One. I’m going to try to work — no, I’m not going to try, I’m going to work as hard as I can in practice every single day and hopefully he gives me that right.”

Prior to committing to the North Carolina Tar Heels, Cole Anthony was featured in numerous national outlets, all of which pegged him as the “next it point guard” or variations of such claims.

“He’s a different point guard,” Williams said of Anthony. “Coby (White) was more of a scoring point guard, which I’m OK with. … Cole can score, but Cole is more of a quarterback there. He’s trying to get other people the ball in that situation.”

With a good combination of size, speed and a deceptive level of strength, the North Carolina Tar Heels will likely go as far as Cole Anthony takes them.

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