Colin Jost has set the record straight regarding his state of mind when he and former Saturday Night Live co-star Pete Davidson purchased a decommissioned Staten Island Ferry. Contrary to Davidson's claim that they were “very stoned” at the time, Jost revealed that he was actually sober during the extravagant purchase, according to Insider.


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Responding to Davidson's comment, Jost took to Instagram to address the situation. “Is it worse that I was actually stone-cold sober when we bought the ferry?” he wrote alongside a headline referencing Davidson's statement. Jost's clarification contradicts Davidson's earlier assertion, shedding light on the true circumstances surrounding the acquisition.

Colin Jost and Pete Davidson bought the decommissioned Staten Island Ferry for a hefty sum of $280,100, intending to transform it into a popular club in New York. However, Jost's recent Instagram post suggests that he has different plans for the ferry's use, as he announced his upcoming “Ferry Money Tour” with stand-up shows in various cities. Alongside the tour announcement, Jost humorously offered his own graphic design services to take brands to new heights, showcasing a lackluster image of the ferry overlaid with tour locations.

Meanwhile, Davidson jokingly expressed his own perspective on the expensive purchase. At the premiere of “Transformers: Rise of the Beasts,” he quipped that he hopes the ferry transforms into a Transformer and departs, allowing him to stop shouldering the financial burden.

The contrasting statements from Jost and Davidson offer a glimpse into their different experiences and perspectives on the ferry purchase. While Jost emphasizes his sobriety during the transaction, Davidson's remark suggests a lighthearted recollection of the event. Nonetheless, their joint venture into boat ownership has certainly attracted attention and sparked curiosity about their future plans for the decommissioned Staten Island Ferry.