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Florida coach Dan Mullen tests positive for COVID-19 amid Gators’ outbreak

Dan Mullen, Florida Gators

The Florida Gators are one of the new additions to teams that have suffered a COVID-19 outbreak.

Just days after it was announced that Alabama’s head football coach Nick Saban tested positive for the virus, Florida’s head football coach Dan Mullen received the same news.

Mullen took to Twitter to address the situation.

Dan Mullen faced some backlash due to the comments he recently made asking for a packed house at games. Due to that, some people felt the need to point out exactly why it might not be safe to do that at the moment.

For the most part though, the Flordia Gators coach has received well wishes.

The head coach added in his statement that everyone that tested positive on the Florida Gators is recovering–having experienced mild symptoms or no symptoms as all.

As for himself, Mullen has been self-isolating from his family, stating that he is following all the CDC guidelines as he recovers.

It is obviously unclear how much time Mullen will miss. He will need to test negative before one can even really start to figure that out. Until that happens, Mullen will be away from the team and his family.

Hopefully, the head coach and everyone else that was a part of the outbreak at the school recovers nicely and experiences no extra symptoms or setbacks.

Last week saw Florida suffer their first loss of the year in an upset by Texas A&M. Their game against LSU was postponed this week due to the outbreak.

That means their next game will be against Missouri in two weeks. Hopefully by that point, the outbreak has been cleared and the team is ready to step back on the field.

If that is the case though, the question still remains if Mullen and some others are going to be able to participate, or if the team will be going into the game short-handed.