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Colts’ Howard Mudd passes away after hospitalization from motorcycle accident

Howard Mudd, Colts

Indianapolis Colts legend and long-time offensive line coach Howard Mudd was in a motorcycle accident a few weeks ago.

Tragically, things took a turn for the worst. Zak Keefer of The Athletic took to Twitter to share the awful news: Mudd has sadly passed away.

Mudd had a long career in the NFL. It started when he was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers back in 1964. He would go on to play seven seasons in the league, splitting time between the 49ers and Chicago Bears as a three-time Pro Bowler and once appearing on the All-Pro First Team.

He then went on to coach in the league as an offensive line coach from 1974 until 2012. He even came out of retirement in 2019 very briefly as a Senior Offensive Assistant Coach. Although, he stepped down before the season even began.

Mudd coached for the then–San Diego Chargers first. Then he went on to the Seattle Seahawks and moved to the Cleveland Browns next. From there, he coached the Kansas City Chiefs before going back to Seattle.

Mudd then spent a pretty long time with the Colts, before spending two years with the Philadelphia Eagles to end his career in 2012. Then in 2019, he came back with the Colts but again stepped down before the season began.

Mudd won a Super Bowl in that time with Indianapolis (2006), and he seemed to be beloved everywhere he went.

Not only was Mudd one of the greatest offensive line coaches of all time, but he truly seemed to connect with the players and the front office. Everyone he worked with, really.

Colts’ owner Jim Irsay has already taken to Twitter to share some of his thoughts on this terrible tragedy.

It is no surprise that Irsay has already shared some of his feelings, as he worked with Mudd for so long.

Don’t be surprised to see many more talking about Howard Mudd in the upcoming days. He had a large presence and will definitely be missed by many.