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Steve Young thinks Andrew Luck’s arm is not the same

Steve Young

Steve Young is one of the great quarterbacks to play in the NFL with well-respected opinions about the game. That is why one of his latest comments has fans buzzing. Those comments are about one of the current top quarterbacks in the game and a guy who just returned from a serious injury.

If you guessed the name Andrew Luck, you would be correct.

After Luck recently suggested he can “make all the throws,” Young went on “PTI” and said he doesn’t believe the quarterback’s arm is the same. Luck was forced to miss the entire 2017 NFL season due to a shoulder injury. He has come back a bit slow this season and some of his throws just don’t seem there, especially when it comes to the power aspect of things.

Via Michael David Smith of ProFootballTalk:

“I was a season ticket holder at Stanford. I used to go over and watch Andrew Luck, and as a quarterback I used to watch him throw the ball and go, ‘That’s beautiful. That’s amazing.’ I haven’t seen the guy throw the ball like that. And so I have a deep appreciation for how he throws the ball. It is not being thrown that way right now. He cannot drive the football. He can’t throw it the way he used to.”

Luck has completed 68.5 percent of his pass attempts for 662 yards, five touchdowns, and three interceptions so far this season. Those numbers may not look bad, but he currently has a minuscule 5.34 yards per attempt average and is rarely throwing the ball down the field:

Luck used to bomb it deep and zip passes into tight windows, but that has changed, which has Young worried.

Indianapolis is still hoping that it is just taking Luck some time to adjust. They need their franchise quarterback to figure things out.

Expect to see Luck come through with a solid all-around season. He isn’t going to be a bad quarterback, but Young may very well be on to something about his arm.