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Cortney Casey breaks down what happened between Drakkar Klose and Jeremy Stephens

Cortney Casey, Drakkar Klose, Jeremy Stephens

Cortney Casey and Drakkar Klose went through a very tough situation back in April. Klose was supposed to be fighting Jeremy Stephens at UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs Gastelum.

The bout was forced to be scrapped after Drakkar Klose picked up an injury stemming from Jeremy Stephens. Stephens pushed Klose during the weigh-ins which resulted in an injury and forced the bout to be canceled.

Drakkar Klose tried to make it to the fight but was unable to recover from the push. He suffered a concussion and severe numbness in his arm.

His wife, Cortney Casey, was with him through the entire event. She sat down with ClutchPoints to explain what exactly happened between Drakkar Klose and Jeremy Stephens.

“It was just odd because we had run into Jeremy before,” Cortney Casey told ClutchPoints. “The rundown is: Tuesday we do the check-in and everyone is at the Apex, so you’re doing media, you’re getting your uniform, everything sized, and all that. So we were doing some media in the back and one of the blue shirts from the UFC came up to [Drakkar Klose] and said ‘hey, we know you guys aren’t like this but you know, some fighters are, we’re just going to try to keep you a little bit separated’ and Drakkar’s like ‘I don’t care if I run into Jeremy’ and I’m like ‘it might not be that you care but maybe they care that you run into Jeremy’ so they kind of made sure that we didn’t cross paths with them, which was odd for us because that’s never happened [before] because me and Dre are pretty happy go lucky people with our ‘we don’t care if we see our opponent,’ like we’re not going to start a brawl in the middle of a hotel room or things like that. So it was a little different but we kept our distance and they made sure we didn’t cross paths so we had a blue shirt with us the whole time. 

“Then we end up running into Jeremy at the [Performance Institute] there are no blue shirts there so right when we came in, he was coming out and they were just like ‘hey,’ and like fist bump and it was like cool,” Cortney Casey continued. It was all right, and Dre was like ‘see I told you they’re making a big deal, it’s not a big deal.’ Then that was it and then you cut weight, do everything we need to do, and we show up for you know weigh-ins. Drakkar is ready to go relax [he] had a great weight cut and he went up there put his hands behind his back, which is not something he normally does. But he didn’t think anything of it. And then Jeremy just came out of nowhere and shoved him and it took Drakkar by surprise like you can hear in his voice, like how his voice cracks like he’s like ‘what the fuck man.’ His arm instantly goes numb so we were worried about that and go straight from there to the PI to get treatment because he got like a stinger in his neck. It’s almost like his arm went numb. 

“Then they checked him out and they did some therapy and then they get therapy again that night and then that night he just kind of wasn’t really there. Like normally he’s pretty happy and eating good but he didn’t eat as much as he normally does and wasn’t refueling as much as normal. He fell asleep on the floor which never normally happens. It’s normally trying to force him to go to bed. Then he woke up at five o’clock and he’s like ‘babe I have a crazy headache’ and like I couldn’t even turn on the lights in the room nothing like that. 

“That’s kind of what happened and it sucks. Then dealing with the backlash, all the name-calling, and whatnot, and then obviously vice versa. Like people were on Drakkar’s side and some people are on Jeremy’s side. It is what it is but at the end of the day like we’re not supposed to touch each other like it’s cut and dry. Does it happen? Of course, but is it supposed to happen? No.

“It was just one of those incidents where it just went wrong. It sucks. A lot of time, a lot of money, things like that that you don’t really get compensated for.”

Drakkar Klose has not fought since the incident and has dealt with multiple injuries since. There is currently no timetable for his return.

Cortney Casey is set to take on Liana Jojua at UFC Vegas 42 on November 13. The bout will take place at flyweight.