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Gordon Hayward, Hawks, Celtics

Could Gordon Hayward sign with Hawks over Celtics in free agency?

Gordon Hayward has a really big decision in front of him. He has a player option on his contract for $34.2 million next season. That may seem like an easy decision, but Hayward has a lot of injury issues and may want to sign a long-term deal.

According to Zach Lowe and Bobby Marks on a recent Lowe Post podcast, Hayward’s agent has apparently been asking around and seeing if there is another offer that would make it worth it for Hayward to leave Boston.

On the daily Locked On Celtics Podcast, host John Karalis discusses the Gordon Hayward situation and how he could make his way to Atlanta and how that may be a good fit for him:

John Karalis: Gordon Hayward’s future is the biggest story of the Celtics’ offseason. What’s he going to do? Nobody knows. It’s very clear from Zach Lowe that he’s hearing some things but there’s nothing concrete. Bobby Marks mentioned the Al Horford deal last year, basically saying what his agent Mark Bartelstein is doing right now is canvassing the league. He’s doing the Al Horford plan, whatever that means. I don’t think there’s another team out there that could sign Hayward. There are really only three teams that have cap space because of how the cap is going to be probably set.

There’s a very good chance that what Mark Bartelstein is doing is just kind of looking around and just gauging what the interest would be for Hayward … I’m sure Atlanta would be interested in Gordon Hayward at a certain number, what that number is might be lower than what the Hayward camp is probably hoping for, or maybe it’s higher. Maybe they are going to find a Godfather offer. Maybe they aren’t going to get a Philly-type offer out of another team. Who knows? I don’t know. I don’t know what those teams are thinking. If Atlanta is really desperate to get into the playoffs, then maybe that will be something that they’re kind of interested in.