Cowboys news: Colin Cowherd has simple 'pay the man' message regarding Dak Prescott
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Colin Cowherd has simple ‘pay the man’ message regarding Cowboys QB Dak Prescott

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Extending Dak Prescott, Amari Cooper, and Ezekiel Elliott is on the minds of Dallas Cowboys nation. Being America’s Team, it’s also on the mind of others outside of North Texas. FOX’s Colin Cowherd amongst them, as he ranted on his show earlier on Wednesday.

The rant is what one would expect out of the charismatic Cowherd, as he said some key quotes, including,

He has to deal with a public owner. He has to deal with a coach who is on a perpetual hot seat. Pay the man.

Dak Prescott has had to deal with controversy, suspensions, the anthem thing, Jerry talking, coach on the hot seat, Jason Witten retires. Wins every single year. Second winningest record to Tom Brady since he came in the league.

He doesn’t have the best arm, he’s not the most mobile, but leadership, good enough mobility. And, oh, by the way — anybody know what Dak did in his final eight games last year? Like a lot of young players, he got better. 7-1, 68% completion percentage, passer rating over 100, he’s also getting better.

Prescott’s looming extension will be gaudy. No matter the opinion on him, young quarterback, like Prescott do get paid, as other teams would do the same if they had the opportunity to do so. He may get above the open market, and rumors are over $30 million, but that’s what being a quarterback can do to one’s bank account. With a young team that deserves to get paid seeking extensions, some find paying Dak absurd.

Nonetheless, tracking the Cowboys’ extensions will be interesting. Elliott is in Mexico, Cowherd is ranting about Prescott, and Cooper, well, he’s practicing.