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REPORT: Cowboys star QB Dak Prescott’s projected injury timetable, revealed

Dak Prescott, CeeDee lamb

The Dallas Cowboys did not only lose their opening matchup on Sunday night against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They also lost their superstar quarterback Dak Prescott to a disheartening hand injury that will now see him spend significant time on the shelf yet again.

Top NFL insider Jonathan Jones recently provided a key update on Prescott’s injury, and it’s not one that Cowboys fans are going to like. Apparently, the two-time Pro Bowl quarterback could be out of commission for up to eight weeks (via CBS Sports Network on Twitter):

“Dak Prescott (is) scheduled for thumb surgery on Monday afternoon,” Jones said. “After that surgery takes place, they’ll be able to establish a timeline, but we definitely believe that he is going to miss at least a month, maybe even two months, and go on the short-term IR.

That’s brutal. The Cowboys aren’t only down 0-1 to open the campaign, but they will now be forced to navigate the next month or two without one of, if not their best player on the field. Things could not have started off much worse for Dallas.

Jonathan Jones then went on to report that backup Cooper Rush will now take Prescott’s place in the interim. That is until the Cowboys are able to bring in a new quarterback into the fold:

“The Cowboys’ plan right now is to roll with Cooper Rush as their starting quarterback, but they’re gonna add another quarterback,” he said.

I guess the silver lining here is that Dak Prescott’s injury came very early in the season. Even if he misses two months, the Cowboys will still have a lot of time to make up for lost time once he returns. It’s now all about keeping the boat afloat without Prescott.