Cowboys news: Dallas fires offensive coordinator Scott Linehan
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Dallas Cowboys fire offensive coordinator Scott Linehan

Scott Linehan, Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys decided on Friday to part ways with Scott Linehan as their offensive coordinator. Linehan struggled at times to get anything besides the run game going for the Cowboys and it was very apparent at the beginning of the season.

Prior to wide receiver Amari Cooper’s arrival, the Cowboys had started the season at 3-5 and only scored more than 20 points in two games. Clearly the addition of a playmaking receiver helped, but Linehan still produced a fairly stagnant offense.

Head coach Jason Garrett put out a statement after the Cowboys parted ways with Linehan.

“This was not an easy decision because of how highly we regard Scott Linehan as a football coach and as a person. He and I had some really positive, substantive and open discussions which took place in the latter part of this week, and we ultimately agreed that it would be in the best interest of all of the parties involved if we were to make a change at this position.”

There’s nothing to take away from Linehan as an offensive coordinator because he has had some great seasons with Dallas and his offense consisted of a great all-around game. Former Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray and Ezekiel Elliott both have led the league in rushing under Linehan.

Garrett reiterated his respect for Linehan and clearly the two were more than just coaches sharing a sideline.

“This was very much a mutual decision, and there was a great deal of common ground and shared understanding between both of us during our meetings. Scott has had an incredibly positive impact on our football team. He has been instrumental in the development and success of a significant number of our veteran and younger players. He is an outstanding football coach, a great friend and we wish him and his family nothing but the absolute best moving forward.”