Cowboys news: Dallas isn't worried about Dak Prescott's new contract after using franchise tag
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Cowboys aren’t worried about Dak Prescott’s new contract after using franchise tag

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The time is running out for the Dallas Cowboys to get a deal done with Dak Prescott in 2020. Despite having until Wednesday to finalize a new deal, Dallas isn’t too concerned about Prescott’s contract due to him signing his franchise tag.

While speaking about the topic on SportsCenter, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler gave somewhat of an update on Prescott’s situation:

“I’m told the Cowboys are not worried right now. They’re going to play this all the way up to the deadline and they’re hopeful that Dak Prescott will take their latest, best offer. Whether that’s a new offer at the deadline or their old offer because they didn’t hash anything out a few months ago. It’s been very quiet since then, to the point where several league sources believe that nothing’s going to get done here because Dak already signed his franchise tag tender. It’s maybe conceding that nothing’s going to get done, but the Cowboys feel they’re in a good spot. They’re prepared for him to play under the franchise tag if necessary. Dak wants almost a bulletproof contract, solid four-year structure.”

Even though Prescott could have refused to sign his franchise tender until he received a new contract, he signed it anyway. As a result, he’ll make nearly $32 million next season. Still, the former fourth-round pick is interested in landing a long-term deal in the near future.

Throughout the offseason, it seems the Cowboys want to ink Prescott to a five-year contract. However, the team’s franchise quarterback would prefer a more secure four-year deal.

Up to this point, neither side has made much progress toward completing Prescott’s next contract. With that being said, the Cowboys don’t seem to be worried about Prescott playing under the tag in 2020.

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