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Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott goes full Tom Brady with offseason change that could spark huge season

Ezekiel Elliott, Cowboys

Feed Zeke. We all know the mantra, popularized by Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott’s celebration of pretending to eat cereal after making big plays. However, it seems that whoever cooks Elliott’s food has not been feeding Zeke quite as much food this offseason, as he told Erin Andrews on the sidelines of Thursday’s preseason game between the Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers that he’s gone full Tom Brady mode this offseason and lost weight:

Elliott hasn’t simply lost weight. By “cleaning up the diet”, he’s evidently made an effort to lose weight with purpose. Backs like Le’veon Bell made huge strides in their career when they chose to lose weight with a focused, intentional goal in mind, like Zeke appears to have.

Elliott has always been a strong, powerful back with excellent straight-line speed, but his lost weight could result in a dramatic new addition to his game – more agility. A spry, cut Zeke means that defenders will simply have to guess at how to tackle the star Ohio State running back, or hope there’s more defenders nearby.

A disappointing, injury-riddled season for the Cowboys had an adverse affect on Elliott’s performance last season, as it was his first full campaign in which he rushed for under 1,000 yards. Before an injury to star quarterback Dak Prescott, Elliott was producing at his usual high level, though, as he had the second highest fantasy point total among running backs up until that point.

Now that Prescott, the Cowboys offensive line, and starting tight end Blake Jarwin are all back healthy from injuries, that will open the door for Ezekiel Elliott to run wild and keep feeding himself – on the field only, this time.