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Cubs go up 7, give up 7 in wild game vs Phillies

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The Chicago Cubs and Philadelphia Phillies battled in a game with zero playoff implications basically. Well, the Cubs dropped an ugly seven spot in the third inning, with Matt Duffy capping it off with a three-run home run. All looked right as the Cubs chased JD Hammer, who pitched just a third of an inning and gave up five runs in a bullpen game.

The Cubs started Kyle Hendricks, and through three innings he was dominating. That was until an absurd fourth inning where the Phillies dropped a seven spot. 

Yes, really.

The Phillies sent 12 batters to the player and scored seven runs, chasing Hendricks out of the game after 3.2 innings in an absolutely wild evening in Philadelphia.

Usually when a team is up by seven runs, they are in good shape and can cruise to the finish line. But, that isn’t the case as the Phillies stormed back, and this has been a wild affair.

So, in conclusion, the Cubs score seven in one inning, and then the Phillies answered with seven runs in one inning, and what a headache for the official scorekeeper dealing with all the pitchers they will use in this game. Oh, and all of that was in just four innings.