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Cyberpunk 2077’s digital sales are over 10 million copies

Let’s face it, the hype for Cyberpunk 2077 has taken over the gaming scene since its release last December 2020. Though the game remains to be a magnet for controversy given the numerous bugs and refunds, it still managed to gross 10.2 million digital sales on launch. Not to mention the 1 million concurrent players it had on its 1st day which forced the Steam servers to collapse.

With its 10.2 million sales, Cyberpunk has cemented itself as the best selling digital game launch in history. It’s amazing how its massive hype was able to attract a huge community in its first day.

There are some concerns about the game’s revenues. The developers admitted that they’ve yet to include the refunded digital copies in the equation. However they also noted that the refunds have not severely hampered their progress. Amid the negative publicity that the game accumulated, it still managed to be the strongest in terms of sales. CD Projekt, noted that the games sold over 13 million copies as of December 20, 2020.

This comes as a massive surprise given the events that took place. Given the high volume of refunds, Sony had to remove the game from the PlayStation store. It even garnered a lawsuit where Poland’s consumer protection agency questioned their results.

This may be one of the most disappointing game releases of all time given the high expectations caused by their marketing campaigns.

Nevertheless, the results speak for themselves. Whether you like it or not, Cyberpunk has made its name in the gaming industry.