Daniel Jones: 3 bold predictions for the Giants QB in Week 7
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Daniel Jones, Giants

Daniel Jones: 3 bold predictions for the Giants QB in Week 7 against Arizona

New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones leads the team into a showdown with the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday afternoon at MetLife Stadium. After winning the first two starts of his career and causing New York to go into a frenzy, he quickly fell back down to earth against the Minnesota Vikings and New England Patriots. This week Jones gets a chance to face a Cardinals defense who has had problems slowing down anyone.

So which Jones will show up? The one from the first two games who looked like the rookie of the year, or the one from the last two games who didn’t look like much of an upgrade over Eli Manning? Let’s breakdown three bold predictions for Daniel Jones.

3. Jones outplays Russell Wilson

When the Arizona Cardinals played the Seattle Seahawks, Russell Wilson threw for 24o yards and a pair of touchdowns. In Jones’ first career start against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he threw for 336 yards and a pair of touchdowns.

The Buccaneers and the Cardinals both rank in the bottom five in yards per game given up through the air. Jones is going to attack the weak secondary of the Cardinals which will lead to at least 250 yards passing a couple of touchdowns.

2. Jones throws an interception or two.

Jones like most rookie quarterbacks has had trouble with interceptions this year. In his first start of his career, he threw a couple of interceptions and in each of the last three games he has given the ball away 1 time.

It seems that once or twice a game Jones has a lack of judgment which leads to a turnover or two. A couple of the interceptions Jones hasn’t made the defense work too hard-throwing it right to them.

In this game, expect Jones two throw at least one pass to a Cardinals defender.

1. Jones leads a game winning drive

The Cardinals are coming in off a win against the Atlanta Falcons in which Kyler Murray and the offense lit up the scoreboard. The Cardinals should have a lot of success against the Giants defense, which means it’s going to come down to late in the game.

Jones is going to have his best moment as a Giant when he drives down the field late in the game and scores a touchdown to come away with a victory. After this game the city is going to be abuzz again with Jones mania.