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Dante Exum says he’s working out with Baron Davis

dante exum

After being selected fifth overall, Utah Jazz guard Dante Exum has failed to live up to his draft night expectations in his two years in the league thus far. However, it has to be mentioned that Exum had a torn ACL in his left knee which made him miss the entire 2015-16 season.

After coming back for the 2016-17 campaign, where he had slight increases in his average points and rebounds compared to his rookie year, while shooting a better percentage from the field, the young Australian is committed to be even better next year.

According to Aaron Falk of the Salt Lake Tribune, Exum has been working out with former NBA superstar guard Baron Davis.

Davis, who last played for the then-D-League’s Delaware 87ers in 2016, is still hoping for a comeback to the league. However, in the meantime, he is helping the young guard better his game. Exum, in a short interview with Falk, talked about what he wants to learn from Davis.

“He’s been great for me.” said Exum. “We spent about two weeks together and he’s been great, just talking to me through everything, on and off the court. I am learning a lot.”

When asked about similarities in their games, Exum responded with a resounding yes.

“Yes, for sure.” Exum stated. “I think just the way he is able to get into the paint and find guys, and I played a couple pick-up games with him. I said to him after I played: ‘Baron, you were not even looking at me, and I was open and I know the ball was coming to me, that is something I really need to develop.'”

Exum knows where to find some good knowledge. With his height, he could certainly use a pointer or two from Davis, who had a nifty low-post game himself.