David West on getting ridiculed for sacrificing a lot of money to win a title: 'That s--- don't matter'
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David West on getting ridiculed for sacrificing a lot of money to win a title: ‘That s— don’t matter’

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When David West decided to join the San Antonio Spurs two years ago, it caught many by surprise as he left a lot of money on the table just to be with a contender, and give himself a chance to win his first title. After things did not go as planned there, he signed with the Golden State Warriors last summer, once again on a veteran’s minimum deal, as he felt his best chance of becoming a champion was in Oakland.

Now that he has reached his goal following the Dubs’ win in Game 5 of the Finals, the 36-year-old power forward was asked if he has any regrets with his decision. He made it known, via Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated, that he doesn’t mind getting ridiculed for it and that being called a champion makes it all worth it.

“That s— don’t matter. You put material wealth or material riches over things that will change you as a human being. And at the end of the day, we’re human beings. Everyone is caught up in this material world and the things and the things and the things. The Egyptians couldn’t take those things with them. You can’t take it with you.

“So, you need moments that later in life that no amount of money will overvalue it. Taking that money in Indiana wouldn’t feel like this. I’m just telling you. It wouldn’t. It’s not even close. With my background from where I’m coming from, I tell people all the time about my story. Nobody really knows it fully, but it’s the truth, man. I’m not supposed to be here. Everybody was supposed to be better than David West. Fourteen years, man.”

Despite only receiving a career low 12.6 minutes per game, West was still able to make his presence felt throughout the season. He gave the Warriors quality minutes off the bench and also toughness and veteran leadership that every team needs.

Although he only signed a one-year deal last summer, his team is expected to re-sign him, as they plan to keep the core intact when they defend their title. Even if he is now a different player from his early days in the league, West will continue to play hard whenever he’s in, and now that he knows how it feels to be a champion, expect him to give his all for a chance to win another one before he retires.