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DeAndre Jordan shocks himself after terrible free-throw miss

deandre jordan

DeAndre Jordan is such a terrible free throw shooter that the NBA is seriously considering making some changes in the rule book just to address the hack-a-DeAndre dilemma.

However even the L.A. Clippers big man himself was appalled by a recent foul-line attempt he took in their game against the Phoenix Suns Thursday night. The shot was so bad that Jordan himself could not hide his disgust after his attempt fell way short.

DeAndre has been consistently poor from the free-throw line throughout his career. In his nine seasons in the NBA he is averaging a dreadful 43.1 percent from 15 feet. However, he has shown some improvement this season upping his percentage to 49.1 percent, which obviously still requires a lot of work.

Times like these make it even more perplexing to try and comprehend how some professional basketball players can perform so awfully in such a vital part of the game. Nonetheless, in the case of Jordan at least, it could not have been too big a deterrent for his team to pay him a whopping $87 million for a 4-year deal. The 28-year-old can take his time in working on his shot for the next couple of years – to the tune of $21.7 million per season.

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