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Deathloop’s ESRB rating has finally been revealed

Deathloop Bethesda ESRB

Deathloop has been rated M for mature. Not so surprising for a video game filled with bloody murder and very colorful language.

Ever since Bethesda announced Deathloop, gamers everywhere absolutely couldn’t wait to get their hands on it. We’ve previously talked about Deathloop and how it’s been delayed several times but thankfully the game is finally set to arrive in September.

Now, we’ve finally gotten a rating from the ESRB. The rating we got wasn’t really surprising. There’s literally blood to be spilled every 30 seconds in Deathloop so an M for Mature rating was just bound to happen.

From the gameplay trailer, we’ve already pretty much seen what the game is all about. There will be plenty of killing. The game literally has the word “Death” on the title. But that wasn’t the only reason for Deathloop to get an M rating. Apparently there will also be a lot of sexual tones in the game. Accompany that with drug use and we’re definitely sure that M rating is pretty much justified.

“During one sequence, a character is seen in a room while sexual moaning sounds are heard. Characters sometimes reference drugs (e.g., uppers, downers) and getting/being high on fictional drugs (e.g., “Looks like an over-engineered auto-erotic asphyxiator…Also, it’s going to smoke us up. Get us high.”). The words “f**k,” “c*nt,” and “sh*t” appear in the game.” The ESRB stated.

It seems there won’t be any holds barred for Deathloop. So if you’re a parent, make sure your little ones stay as far away from this game as possible.

Deathloop is set to release on September 14th for PlayStation 5 and PC.