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DeMarcus Cousins is not as tall as people think

We know that NBA player heights and measurements are exaggerated all of the time, and on purpose. Some players from the past, such as Charles Barkley, have famously been listed at controversial heights.

Kevin Durant is another mystery who came into the league at 6-9, and is touted as one of the best small forwards in the game. His height is debated every year because he towers over players at his position nightly; many speculate he’s actually taller than his listed height.

Earlier this week Team USA’s Men’s Basketball team met with kids in Harlem and stood near a rolling gate to surprise a group of kids.

Durant stood next to DeMarcus Cousins, who is listed at 6-11, and DeAndre Jordan, also listed at 6-11.

Durant appears just as tall, if not taller than Cousins. At first glance you would think the shoes make the difference, but all three players are wearing the exact same shoes. Durant’s peak height also seems to line up with Jordan’s, who rocks a tall afro.

The photo is a clear indicator that Cousins is not a legit 6-11 or that Durant is much taller than what NBA measurements are leading us to believe.

You be the judge:

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