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Dennis Schroder sends condolences to Isaiah Thomas on Twitter despite their spats

This season, the Atlanta Hawks and Boston Celtics have faced each other in four intense and hotly contested games. Some of their players were involved in scuffles and even exchanged words through the media. Two of them are point guards Dennis Schroder and Isaiah Thomas, who went on a back-and-forth after the German international accused Thomas of being disrespectful his family.

However, things were different recently after Thomas’s sister died in a car crash. Schroder took to his Twitter account to send his condolences to the two-time All-Star.

This is definitely a classy gesture from Schroder and something not a lot of people expected from him. It goes to show that NBA players treat each other as family and are there for each other, especially during tough times.

Other players also did the same and even commissioner Adam Silver also released an official statement, letting Thomas know that they are also mourning his loss. With the heartfelt words Schroder tweeted, they may very well signify the end of his feud with Thomas.

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