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Video: Dennis Smith Jr. shows his hops with highlight reel swat

Dennis Smith Jr., mavs

Dennis Smith Jr. has shown the world that there’s bound to be a competition for the Dallas Mavericks‘ starting point guard job after scintillating performances in this year’s Summer League.

The North Carolina State rookie dazzled the crowd to the tune of a game-high 25 points and eight rebounds, but made his presence felt on the defensive end, doling out four steals and an emphatic rejection on the Phoenix SunsJoe Jackson.

Even with a 20-point lead, the point guard was determined to go after the shot and swat it out of bounds, showing the intense motor that had the Mavs vying for his selection during draft night.

While most eyes are on the likes of Markelle Fultz, Lonzo Ball, and Jaylen Brown, Smith has been making the right impressions, some pegging him as the likely candidate for this season’s Rookie of the Year award.