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Denver Broncos: 3 major needs for the upcoming offseason

The Denver Broncos didn’t make the playoffs in 2019 but there is some hope around the team that they aren’t too far away from competing. They look like they have found their quarterback in Drew Lock, so the next step is building the rest of the team up around him.

According to Spotrac.com. the Broncos are currently set to have over $6o million in cap space. With some cuts and cap space saving that number could get closer to $70 million. The team is going to have the cap space to spend, so what positions should they target? Let’s break down three major needs for the Broncos upcoming offseason.

3. Offensive line

The Broncos’ offensive line is young and the team may try to get the players another year or two to develop. But the team should really be going to find replacements now. Connor McGovern was fine at center, but this is a spot they should try to improve. Signing a free agent or making a trade would make a lot of sense.

They also need to try and find a versatile offensive lineman that can fill in at multiple positions. Maybe this wouldn’t be a star player, but a sold veteran who is okay being a fill-in.

2. Cornerback

All signs are pointing towards Chris Harris Jr. not being on the team next season. Which means the team has a big hole at cornerback that the Broncos need to fill. Cowboys cornerback Byron Jones is set to be a free agent and he would be a great asset for Denver.

They also could go after Tennessee Titans cornerback Logan Ryan. The one thing the Broncos can’t do is try to draft a third or fourth-round cornerback and hope to fill him in right away.

The Broncos’ defense is strong and not filling the cornerback with a veteran starter would be a big mistake.

1. Running Back

Not many might agree with this, but the team needs to find someone to help with Phillip Lindsay. He is a good running back but he might actually be better in the backup role as a change-of-pace back. In 2019, Lindsay rushed 224 times for 1,011 yards and seven touchdowns.

Getting a guy like Jordan Howard or another starting running back would be a great help for the Broncos. With a young quarterback, a good running game is important, and if the Broncos can add someone, they will be in great shape for next season.