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Derek Fisher pleads not guilty to two DUI charges from vehicular accident in June

derek fisher

Former Los Angeles Lakers guard and New York Knicks head coach Derek Fisher was once again part of the headlines last month, when he and his girlfriend were involved in a vehicular accident in an L.A. freeway. He received two charges of DUI, and was set to appear in court for trial.

The 42-year-old was not present during the first court meeting recently, and his lawyer entered the no guilty plea on his behalf, according to a report made by TMZ Sports.

“Fisher wasn’t present at court, but his lawyer appeared and entered the plea on DF’s behalf. Fish is due back in court next month.”

The incident happened on June 4 at the 101 freeway, as the SUV he was driving hit the guardrail. Miraculously, no one got injured and he did not hit any other vehicles on the road. Fisher’s girlfriend, Gloria Govan, who was sitting in front, suffered minor wounds but did not need additional medical assistance.

The five-time NBA champion faces up to six months of jail time, but since this is the first time he was charged with DUI, there is a big chance he will just be ordered to pay a fine and be on probation instead. Although not a certainty, this has been the diversion agreement ordered by some courts for similar cases.