Derrick Rose defense says Jane Doe lied and faked tears
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Derrick Rose defense says Jane Doe lied and faked tears

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As the Derrick Rose rape trial case wrapped up on Wednesday with Rose and his friends being cleared of all charges, it seems that some of the final arguments may have won the case.

In the closing arguments, Rose’s lawyers painted a picture of the accuser as a liar.

The defense presented a few arguments before the courts according to Fox Sports.

  • The accuser is lying and trying to trick jurors with tears.
  • The accuser is trying to extort money from Rose.
  • The accuser was upset that Rose dumped her after the sex incident.
  • The accuser has no evidence, so she lied about being too drunk to remember , and cried to sway jurors due to lack of evidence.
  • The accuser seemed sober to Rose and his friends, and even initiated acts towards them earlier that night.

Rose¬†stood to lose his contract with the Knicks and Adidas if he doesn’t win $21.5 million civil case, but now is ready to rejoin his team – although he will miss the final preseason games.

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