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Despot’s Game Release Date, Gameplay, Story, and Details

Despot's Game Release Date Gameplay Story and Details

Auto-battlers were all the craze; will Despot’s Game reignite the genre? See the Despot’s Game release date, gameplay, and story details here.

Despot’s Game Release Date: September 15, 2022

Despot’s Game is coming out on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and the Nintendo Switch on September 15, 2022, less than a year after its Early Access debut in October 2021. Despot’s Game version 1.0 will mark the full release of the PvE auto-battler game, which brings a ton of content and achievements for players to unlock. Despot’s Game will also be coming to the Xbox Game Pass upon release.

Despot’s Game Story

In Despot’s Game, the player is stuck inside a labyrinth, brought there by a GLaDOS-like machine named d’Spot. You’re trapped alongside your fellow humans, all here naked, with no memories of how you ended up there. Thankfully for everyone, you have superb leadership (despotic) skills, and you can save everyone from this dire circumstance… as long as they follow your every order. At least one person will come out here alive, and that will be you, as everyone else follows your will to help you escape the labyrinth. And maybe, just maybe, they’ll escape with you, too.

Despot’s Game Gameplay

Despot’s Game is an auto-battler game, but unlike most games of the genre, the game is a Player vs. Enemy game, or at least not outright, leaving you to fend off AI-controlled enemies. As an auto-battler, you will have no input in the fights themselves. Rather, you have direct control over the preparation phase. You and your army of men will venture through rooms in the labyrinth, and your units will be doing all the fighting for you. The ultimate goal is to escape, but that won’t happen until you beat d’Spot himself, who awaits you at the end of the dungeon.

At launch, Despot’s Game features 50 deadly items for you to equip to your units, 60 kinds of monsters to vanquish and defeat within the dungeon, 125 mutations that you can use to strengthen your units and to give your side the advantage, 11 quest rooms to complete, and a PVP mode that you can partake in once you’ve reached the end-game.

Each dungeon is procedurally generated, making sure that your every run feels different, necessitating different builds for different kinds of challenges you’ll face. Completing a room in the dungeon will allow you to choose loot and transform your vulnerable units into powerful wizards, cultists, ninjas, and others, making them better equipped against the dangers of the Despot’s Game. Find out what kind of builds and combinations work best against the hazards you’ll be facing, all the while optimizing your army against the possible builds of other players at the end-game PVP.