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Disney+’s What If…? Takes us to the Multiverse and there’s no going back

Disney+ Marvel What If...?

The latest trailer for Marvel Studios and Disney+‘s What If..? series has just been released and it drove fans absolutely wild.

Marvel and Disney+ just keep on giving us bangers after bangers after bangers. With the success of previous shows like WandaVision, TFATWS, and the ongoing Loki series, it’s no surprise that this one will be just as epic especially since we’re going to get *drumroll please* zombie Iron Man! Yep, you heard that right. Marvel Zombies is finally coming to the MCU and fans are absolutely losing it.

‘What If..?’ will also give us other great stories from the series. Stories such as Peggy Carter taking on the mantle of Captain America and T’Challa growing up to be Star-Lord. Speaking of the Black Panther, this will also be Chadwick Boseman’s last project as the actor passed away in August of last year due to cancer. Hearing his voice in the final moments of the trailer surely left a bittersweet feeling towards the fans.

Many fans are currently speculating that the end of the Loki series will be the event that sets off ‘What If…?”. The theory is not that far off as Loki dismantling the TVA could cause severe cataclysmic events in the timeline. Although it is also possible that Marvel and Disney+ just want to give the fans a taste of what could’ve actually happened should these uncanny shifts in the timeline go into play.

The long-awaited animated series from Marvel Studios will be available for streaming exclusively on Disney+ this August 11, 2021.

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