Doc Rivers: Ray Allen is in 'amazing shape'
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Doc Rivers: Ray Allen is in ‘amazing shape’

Doc Rivers, Ray Allen

Doc Rivers and Ray Allen built a strong relationship during their time together with the Boston Celtics. The duo won a title together in 2008, and challenged with many more in the ensuing years.

Even when Allen left Boston to join LeBron James and the Miami Heat, Rivers remained on solid terms with the league’s all-time leading three-point shooter.

Ray walked away from the game a couple years back, but he never officially retired. There have been plenty of rumors lately regarding a comeback attempt for Allen, often connecting him to the Celtics and the Milwaukee Bucks.

Earlier this offseason, Rivers spent some time with Ray, and based on what he saw, Doc believes Allen is in the necessary physical condition to compete on the highest level of basketball in the world once again.

From Jay King of Mass Live:

“I think if Ray was in the right spot he may play. I think Ray wants to golf a lot too right now,” Rivers said Tuesday night at the TD Garden, where he and Brad Stevens highlighted an event for the ABCD Hoop Dreams foundation. “But Ray is in amazing shape. I don’t know how he does that. I didn’t know how he does that as a player; I don’t know how he does it as a non-player. He’s probably in top-five shape in the NBA. So could Ray play? Absolutely, I believe he could.”

Based on the price, there could be any number of suitors for Allen if he’s in as good of shape as Rivers suggests. It’s happening, people.

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