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LeBron James wants parade for World Series, Lakers’ Championship

Mookie Bets, LeBron James, Lakers, Dodgers

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James was pretty amped up shortly after the Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the Tampa Ray Bays to win the 2020 World Series on Tuesday.

The Dodgers’ monumental victory marked the city of Los Angeles’ second major sports title in 2020 after LeBron and the Lakers hoisted the 2020 Larry O’Brien trophy just two weeks ago.

A big baseball fan himself, The King obviously couldn’t contain his excitement and proposed a joint celebration between the Lakers and Dodgers to give back to the loyal LA following. James made it clear that he doesn’t want a virtual meet-and-greet, but rather a customary championship parade in the City of Angels.

Mookie Betts and Corey Seager came up big for the Dodgers on Tuesday and helped the LA-based squad end its 32-year title drought. The Dodgers closed out the Rays in six games–much like how the Lakers also vanquished the Miami Heat.

While LeBron James’ proposed celebration would have certainly been made possible in earlier years, a mass gathering of this magnitude just won’t fly in 2020. Major sports around the world were able to continue their seasons, but the effects of the pandemic still linger.

For instance, the Lakers brass already vowed to have a festive yet inclusive public celebration that would follow strict social distancing guidelines.

Having a large number of Lakers and Dodgers fans within the same vicinity would likely pose serious health and security problems. For instance, the city of Los Angeles was flooded by rowdy Lakers fans shortly after they clinched the title. Police were unable to control such a large mob, as there were several unruly events that occurred on the streets that night.

LeBron’s wish would be great for the diehard LA fans, but the Lakers and Dodgers brass would not want to duplicate or (further escalate) that same scenario. LeBron James might still get that parade he asks for, but it won’t be the same as the ones he previously had in his previous championships.