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Trevor Bauer to miss remainder of 2021 season for Dodgers with investigations ongoing

Dodgers, Trevor Bauer, Trevor Bauer investigation

It seemed to be a foregone conclusion but Friday it was announce, via Jeff Passan of ESPN, that Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer will miss the remainder of the season. As ongoing investigations continue into sexual assault allegations against Bauer, the move was agreed upon by MLB and the MLBPA.

Passan did note that nothing new had popped up in Bauer’s case and that the decision was reached because it was understood that the investigation wouldn’t conclude before the end of the season.

No new information has surfaced in the Trevor Bauer investigation. Him being out for the rest of the year is just an acknowledgement from the union and league that with MLB’s investigation into him ongoing and the season waning, he was not going to have time to return this year.

In August, a judge from the Los Angeles County Superior Court ruled against extending a temporary restraining order against the Dodgers righty from his accuser. However, that’s not the end of things for Bauer.

Regardless of the court results, MLB has the right to dish out their own punishment based on their findings and the conclusions they come to. Bauer is also still facing criminal charges in the matter that have not reached a conclusion.

The Dodgers signed Bauer in the offseason and at the time received criticism for the move giving some of Bauer’s past antics. Now, he may never suit up for them again.