Dolphins news: Matt Breida jokes Ryan Fitzpatrick will lead team in rushing
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Matt Breida jokes that Ryan Fitzpatrick will lead Dolphins in rushing again

Matt Breida, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins acquired Matt Breida from the San Francisco 49ers so as to give the team more experienced talent in the backfield.

Breida and Jordan Howard figure to get the share of carries, but Breida joked quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick should try to repeat as the team’s leading rusher.

Fitzpatrick hopes Breida and Howard can give the Dolphins a more reliable rushing attack and open up the field for the passing game (via Armando Saguero of the Miami Herald):

“A running game is definitely a quarterback’s best friend,” quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick said recently. “It makes our job a lot easier.”

However, Breida suggested some things—like the lack of a running game and an inept offensive line—are out of a quarterback’s control (h/t Saguero):

“At first I thought [the quarterback being the leading rusher] wasn’t true,” Breida said Wednesday. “Actually, Fitz and I talked about that the other day. He was hoping he wasn’t going to be the leading rusher again. But that’s one of those things where a bunch of things happened during the season that you can’t control.

Breida also said he told Fitzgerald the veteran signal-caller would have to give him a run for the money to retain the team rushing title.

The Dolphins would ideally like Fitzgerald to have more time in the pocket after revamping the O-line this year. The new-look line might also serve to benefit Breida and the rest of the backfield.

Regardless, Miami and head coach Brian Flores are intent on maximizing Breida and Howard’s talents, which could allow Fitzpatrick to continue to develop his rapport with the likes of DeVante Parker and Preston Williams.