Dolphins video: 3rd-and-20 blitz leaves field wide open, allows touchdown for Steelers
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Dolphins’ 3rd-and-20 blitz leaves field wide open versus Steelers, increases tank speculation

Diontae Johnson

The Miami Dolphins had a number of perplexing moments during their loss against the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, the decision to bring the house on 3rd-and-20 was easily the biggest headscratcher.

The Dolphins were poised to secure a 14-3 lead going into halftime. That was until they decided to run an all-out blitz that allowed wide receiver Diontae Johnson to run for a 45-yard touchdown, via Travis Wingfield of Fansided:

It is safe to say that the decision to run an all-out blitz in such a situation backfired on the Dolphins. Perhaps even more confusing is that they decided to run this type of play coming out of the timeout.

There has been plenty of speculation regarding the potential tanking going on in Miami after parting ways with a number of key players in the 2019 NFL season. Although the prospect of any team being willing to lose games is extremely far-fetched, plays like these make it difficult to dispel such notions.