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Donte Whitner claims that Rams, Panthers have offered him contracts

In the NFL today, few position groups are more essential to a team’s success than the secondary. Even though the ground game still has a prominent role, there’s no doubting that it’s predominately an aerial league now.

Edge rushers are more valuable than ever as a result, as well as cornerbacks and safeties. Stopping the opposition’s pass game is key to winning, and the best guys at doing it are reaping the financial benefits.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that free agent Donte Whitner is, apparently, a hot commodity. I say ‘apparently’ because Donte himself is the one claiming it, although previous reports do back him up.

The Whitner sweepstakes

Both the New York Giants and Washington Redskins met with Whitner recently to fill holes at the back of their defenses. The latter was reported on by NBC and Mike Florio’s Pro Football Talk, and Whitner decided to respond directly to the post by naming a pair of other suitors who have reached out to him:

Whitner was connected to the Rams in reports as far back as April, so this isn’t exactly breaking news. He also worked out with the Panthers in August.

It will be interesting to see where Whitner ultimately ends up. Adding his play at the safety position could make a huge difference for all of these teams, but especially Carolina, who has been gashed regularly by long pass plays this season.

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