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Dota 2’s team Nigma teams up with Galaxy Racer to form Nigma Galaxy

Dota 2's team Nigma teams up with Galaxy Racer to form team Nigma Galaxy

Team Nigma, an independent Dota 2 organization founded by four of the five The International 7 champions, announced their merger with Galaxy Racer today, forming Nigma Galaxy. The exact term used in the announcement tweet named Nigma Galaxy as the new division of Galaxy Racer. They also have a new official website.

Additionally, they released a detailed video featuring two of Team Nigma’s co-founders describing how the merger will affect the team. Apparently, they will still be operating as a separate entity with its own budget, direction, and brand identity. Fans that have purchased merchandise for Team Nigma will also be getting new versions with the updated branding.

Team Nigma and Galaxy Racer merge to form Nigma Galaxy

Paul Roy, Galaxy Racer CEO and Founder said the following in a statement:

“We are excited to announce our merger with Team Nigma to transform our competitive esports division into Nigma Galaxy, Team Nigma’s leadership team carries vast experience as professional players, which we believe will be a great asset to building and supporting all the teams under the Nigma Galaxy banner. Celebrating and nurturing the untapped gaming community around the world is what Galaxy Racer was founded on. With this merger, we believe we will be able to truly unlock this potential and shape the future of esports on a global scale.”

In response, Mohammed Morad, one of Team Nigma’s non-player co-founders, said:

“We are thrilled to announce our merger with Galaxy Racer. Galaxy Racer has a brilliant understanding of the entertainment business and together we share a mutual passion for supporting and nurturing talent within the MENA region. There is also a lot of natural synergy between our brands with Nigma meaning “star” in Arabic. Before this merger, Nigma was a single star. By becoming Nigma Galaxy, we will have a Galaxy full of stars.”

The Team Nigma – Galaxy Racer merger that has now formed Nigma Galaxy, comes after an underperforming Dota 2 season for Team Nigma, as they failed to qualify for The International this year. However, a roster that includes legends such as Kuro “KuroKy” Salehi Takhasomi, and top-caliber players such as Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi is sure to still make their mark on the scene. As of now, we do not yet know whether their current lineup will continue to stick together into the next season of Dota 2.