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Doug Baldwin calls Kirk Cousins a ‘hero’ for his game-changing contract

Doug Baldwin, Kirk Cousin, Vikings

Following weeks of speculation, Pro Bowl quarterback Kirk Cousins has reportedly made his free agency decision on his next landing spot by agreeing to sign with the Minnesota Vikings. Beyond just choosing a new home in the NFL, it also marked the first fully-guaranteed deal that the league has seen.

It is set to be a monumental moment that could set the table for future deals in free agency and extension negotiations moving forward. Seattle Seahawks Pro Bowl wide receiver Doug Baldwin took to social media to voice his appreciation toward Cousins for garnering what could be a new trend in the NFL.

Unlike the NBA and MLB, the NFL had not approached the idea of fully guaranteed contracts for its players. This had provided teams the chance to get out from under major deals without having to pay the entire deal to any player. It also made it easier to restructure the contracts to make it more team friendly. All of this makes Cousins’ three-year, $84 million deal with the Vikings that is fully guaranteed a possible huge game changer for the league moving forward.

This could begin to become the trend as early as this offseason with players aiming to get the security of a fully guaranteed deal on the open market. It may also shift for players who in line to receive extensions this offseason, which has the potential of altering the type of contracts offered with that total number dropping lower usual. There is also the potential that it could lead to teams eyeing shorter length contracts with players to avoid committing to paying a huge amount of money to any player if the basis of the contract is all guaranteed.

The NFL may have to this route if star players begin to demand lucrative fully-guaranteed deal from this point on. Nonetheless, only time will tell if this will make a major impact on future contract negotiations across the league.