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Duke Top 3 picks in three straight drafts

Coach K and Duke must be doing something right. While it’s a team college basketball fans love to hate, looking back at the last 3 NBA Drafts have been telling.

The Blue Devils program have produced top notch players such as Grant Hill, and recently a top 3 draft pick in the last three years of the NBA Draft.

Jabari Parker, Jahlil Okafor and now Brandon Ingram have all been selected between 1 and 3 since the 2014 NBA Draft.

That’s speaks volumes about the program at Duke, because you don’t see Coach K on the floor making calls and publicly lobbying for his players to be taken, because they are in demand.

Since 1980 Coach K has won over 1000+ games, with 5 NCAA titles in the college ranks, and has also two Olympic gold medals as head coach of Team USA.

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