The Philadelphia Eagles got their first taste of losing in the 2022 season against the Washington Commanders. In what was supposed to be Carson Wentz’s return to Philadelphia, Taylor Heinicke filled in for the injured Wentz and led Washington to a win.

Part of the Eagles’ loss was a controversial roughing the passer call on Brandon Graham. Heinicke scrambled after the play broke down and took a knee, but Graham was still in pursuit. The referees blew the whistle as Graham was lunging toward the Commanders quarterback, which resulted in a flag.

Zach Berman, the Eagles beat reporter for The Athletic, talked with referee Alex Kemp after the game to clarify why a penalty was called on a play where Heinicke gave himself up very late and abruptly.

“I had ruled that the quarterback had given himself up. Therefore, he is down and a defenseless player. The contact by Philadelphia No. 55 was not only late but also to the head and neck area,” said Kemp. Berman asked a follow-up question to make sure the penalty was because the hit was late and to the head. “It is one and the same. The hit was late and to the head and neck area,” said Kemp.

After the game, Graham said that he is going to move on from the call and acknowledged that the Eagles can’t allow the game to fall into the officials’ hands. Jalen Hurts dropped a similar assessment of the game by saying that the team has to respond strongly to their first loss of the campaign.