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Eagles coach Doug Pederson thinks Carson Wentz has a ‘great opportunity’ ahead of him

Carson Wentz, Eagles, Doug Pederson

Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pederson has a great relationship with Carson Wentz and knows how good his franchise quarterback can be. He has dealt with injuries each of the last two years that have cut his season short, but he thinks this season is a chance to prove everyone wrong, and get back to the form he had early in his career.

“This is also a great opportunity for Carson, to really regain the type of player he is to what we saw in 2017, and really what we saw in 2018 when he was playing,” Pederson said, via Zach Berman of TheAthletic.com. “He is a tremendous competitor. He is a tremendous leader, and quite frankly, I don’t think a lot of that bothers him. He just moves on. He is excited for this new season. It is a new team, there are new guys around him. He is energized, he feels good and I am just excited for that.”

Even with the injury issues, the Eagles still locked him up to a long term extension which means there is, even more, to prove from Wentz. If Wentz goes down with an injury, there is no fall back plan with Nick Foles on the Jacksonville Jaguars, and there is going to be even more heat on Wentz and the team for signing him to a long term deal.

If Wentz stays healthy and goes back to the MVP form, the Eagles are going to be in good shape, and there won’t be many saying negatives about him.