Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox is fortunate enough to maintain excellent physical condition despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Cox said he has a home gym, which has allowed him to establish normalcy in terms of being able to do all the workouts he would normally do in the offseason, via Martin Frank of the Delaware News Journal.

“I have an actual gym with just about anything that a gym could have,” Cox said on a video conference call Tuesday. “I’m able to get there and work out, and do all my normal workouts. I got a place where I can push sleds and pull sleds, and it’s keeping me in shape. So I’m pretty blessed to have that stuff.”

However, not all NFL players are as lucky as Cox.

Other players throughout the league are having a harder time getting their bodies in order. Some might have bikes or circuit workouts, but those are hardly the same as a home gym with all of the proper amenities. But Cox has a suggestion.

Cox said he has been advising teammates to drive to a parking lot and push their cars to simulate pushing weight in games, via Frank.

“I tell the guys to drive their car to a flat parking spot and push,” Cox said. “I feel that’s a way, push a car. You gotta push somebody (in a real game) for 30-40 seconds (at a time). That’s a good way to simulate it.”

Certainly, this is a good way to simulate throwing weight around and being explosive in getting off blocks. However, it is obviously less natural and probably less isolated in terms of the muscle groups that can be strengthened.

That said, many players are probably eager to have an excuse for getting out of the house and having a chance to simulate football-related movements.