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Eagles WR Golden Tate is ready for a new challenge

Golden Tate is new to the Philadelphia Eagles, and he wants to let his new fans know that he’s ready to bring them some wins this season. He was having a phenomenal season with the Detroit Lions, and he’s been one of the NFL’s more consistent receivers over the last five seasons. He’s joining a team that has more weapons than his previous one, so he probably won’t become their top option. However, he’s only worried about contributing in any way he can.

“My job is going to be to learn this material and this system as fast as I can, learn my teammates, try to find a way to bond with these guys pretty quickly,” Tate said in his press conference address to his new city.. “I don’t get the offseason and the OTAs and all that. I kind of missed all that [with the Eagles]. I’m going to be working hard just to try to fit in. I want to do whatever is going to help this team win. I’m not coming here demanding anything. I just want to learn it. When an opportunity falls in my hands, I want to make a play.”

The Eagles will be glad Golden Tate feels that way. They struggled with a plethora of wide receiver injuries early on this season, but their receiving corps is much healthier now. Alshon Jeffery has already caught four touchdowns since he returned to the team, and Zach Ertz is the same weapon he’s always been an tight end.

From here on out, the Eagles will be looking to get over that .500 hump, and they want Tate to play a big part in that.