Preston Smith and the Green Bay Packers will be taking on Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 12.

Ahead of the matchup, Smith spoke about Hurts and the type of player that he is. He was sure to not hold back in complementing the Eagles QB1.

When talking with reporters, Smith was asked what makes the Eagles offensive line so good. He responded, saying, “Jalen Hurts. He’s a pretty good quarterback. They protect him pretty well, they let him be a playmaker. They give him a lot of lanes to scrabble in if he needs to scramble. They block up for him really well and allow him to make plays with his arms and his legs.”

Smith was then asked how exactly do you contain Hurts. He stated, “Stop him, any way possible. It’s really no formula. If everybody had a formula, everybody would have the same record. I guess you just got to do your best to stop him, not let him get hot, not allow him any lanes to scramble in, and not let their running back get hot either ’cause he’s pretty talented.”

The Eagles have been one of the NFL’s most dominant teams this season. Heading into Week 12, they have a 9-1 record and are atop the NFC.

Jalen Hurts himself has looked dominant at times this year. He has thrown for 2,407 yards, 15 passing touchdowns, and three interceptions. On the ground, he has added 440 rushing yards and eight touchdowns.

Preston Smith and the Packers currently find themselves at 4-7. But Smith himself has put together a strong campaign in 2022. He has recorded 36 total tackles and five sacks so far this season.

Hurts and the Eagles offense may be in for a challenge against Smith and this Packers defense. In what could be a tough game for both of these teams, these two players could play a big role in the outcome.